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Thank you dad, for everything that you do for our community!

- Ali Acosta, Sophomore


My district and the free meal distribution to all Glendora residents. And to Hala Abu Hussain (my bilingual aid) because I can talk to her anytime to support me about any social, academic, emotional health circumstances.

-Bassant Shwadyhanna, Sophomore

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I want to give a big shout out to my mom for working on the frontlines throughout this whole pandemic. Not only has she been risking her life to help while enjoying every second of it, she also has been such an amazing mother to me and has been spending as much time with me as she can. It's been extremely hard and time consuming, but I try to FaceTime her on her breaks whenever she can and it’s not busy at work. She currently works at the UCLA hospital and inspires me to follow in her footsteps  because she has gone through all kinds of highs and lows to get to the point where she is today. An amazing mother, incredibly hardworking, and gives me more than she receives, I’m more than happy to call her my mother and she inspires me to work harder every day. Thank you for all you do mom!

Kyla Dedication 2 (1).jpg

-Kyla Pidech, Junior

Sarah Webb, my mom, is a third grade teacher at La Fetra Elementary. Over the past year she’s worked incredibly hard to make school fun and enjoyable for her third graders. Whether it be going the extra mile to give small gifts to her students or checking in on then to make them feel loved, she always has her students’ mental health in mind. I’ve seen how hard she works to make her lesson plans fun and dynamic and how much she wants her third  graders to have a good year. She does much for the people in her life, and I’m very proud to call such a wonderful person my mom.

-Lydia Webb, Sophomore


I want to thank Nurse Charlotte Hammond for her continued hard work and dedication during these trying times!

- Matthew McCauley

Thank you to Dr. Mark Thompson for helping me through this pandemic.

 -Joshua Medel, Sophomore

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