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Role of Voter Knowledge Highlighted as Future of the United States is Called into Question

Voting plays such a major role in the American government; the people are choosing who they trust to steer their nation in the right direction. However, it is not treated as seriously as the process actually is.

It is a big deal to elect someone into office since that means granting them power for years and trusting they will do the right thing. In 2016, only around 50% of the voting population actually exercised their right by voting in the election and with the primary elections this year, it is evident that voting is not a priority for most people making them not take their vote seriously.

Voting affects the entire country so it is important that each person knows who they are voting for.

Many candidates are judged based off of profiling rather than their political beliefs. For example, many people dismiss Bernie Sanders’ legitimacy because he is an older candidate, without even listening to what he has to say about what he would do as president.

In contrast, in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was running for president, while many people did relate to her ideals, it was clear that she did have at least some supporters who only voted for her because they wanted a woman president.

Of course, it is not wrong to relate to a candidate’s background, but when placing someone as the executive head of the nation, it is more necessary to expand upon that background to see what each candidate has to offer and what they stand for.

With such a competitive election in 2020, it will be even more important that people understand the name they are voting for, more than just a false smile or thirty second commercial with empty promises. A voter should always know the ideals or at least the general plan of the candidate they support before checking that box.

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