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Various Inktober Prompts Inspire Artists to Venture Out of Their Comfort Zones

Inktober is a yearly art prompt posted on the official Inktober web page; however, since the creation of Inktober many other artists have taken the liberty of making their own Inktober prompts to fit their own creative interests.

Junior Wesley Scorcia is an artist who has participated in Inktober for two years. However, this year he decided to participate in a prompt created by artist Rachel Rainey, whose subject matters greatly resemble those of most Goretober prompts. Goretober is a title that many prompt creators use when designing their own Inktober list of subjects surrounding gore and common fears.

From two-headed snakes to open wounds, Rainey’s Goretober had more compelling prompt titles appealing to Scorcia's artistic creativity more than the official Inktober prompt.

Scorcia stated, “When looking through the Goretober prompt, I could just visualize what I would draw for each day in my head.”

Scorcia does not enjoy censoring his artwork, especially in his character designs, and many of the Goretober prompts correspond well with his art style in terms of immediate shock value.

The reasons why Scorcia participates in Inktober are because in many ways it is a challenge for him as an artist, especially having to plan and create and piece every day.

Scorcia states, “I typically draw whatever I feel like drawing and whenever I want to draw.”

Therefore, using the prompts as guidelines helps Scorcia broaden his artistic horizons and stay consistent with his work. When asked what his favorite piece was through the process of Goretober, Scorcia felt the most passionate about his Day 1 drawing of a two headed snake because of the amount of time and effort he put into completing it.

Scorcia was able to stay consistent with the prompts through Day 13; however, once he stopped it became very difficult for him to catch up and continue. In order for him to complete all 31 days next year, Scorcia will plan out his art work in advance.

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