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Elon Musk Ousted from Position as Tesla's Chairman

American inventors seem to have a habit of being immortalized, flying above their status as geniuses and reaching that of American icons.

For a while, it seemed this would be the fate of America’s most recent candidate: Tesla Chairman and CEO Elon Musk. That is, until he was abruptly deposed from the former position.

For the past few months, Musk and his company, the revolutionary electric car producer known as Tesla, have experienced extreme turbulence in their credibility.

The vote to oust Musk as chairman was conceived following a series of production issues that threatened Musk’s credibility as the head of his own company.

The proposal was made by Tesla shareholder Jing Zhou, who pondered upon whether or not Musk may be in over his head due to acting as both CEO and Chairman of Tesla.

“The current leadership structure,” claimed Zhou, “could provide an effective leadership for Tesla at an early age… [but] it is more and more difficult to oversee [both] Tesla’s business and senior management.”

It is difficult to refute these claims when, seemingly in the wake of Tesla’s most strenuous times to date, the company fails to follow through on the quotas it has set for itself.

By June, Tesla’s stock had decreased by seven percent due to delays in the rollout of the company’s anticipated Model 3 car.

The company suffered yet another deep wound when Musk made a controversial tweet regarding his financial plans for the company.

“Am considering taking Tesla private at $420,” tweeted Musk.

Not catching on to the ill-mannered joke contained in the tweet, Musk’s board was baffled and caught off-guard by this sudden declaration, and his company’s shares dropped an astonishing 30 percent shortly after.

As if these obstacles were not enough, Musk was put to task after accusing a cave rescue volunteer from Thailand of being a pedophile, and he was documented smoking marijuana on the Joe Rogan podcast earlier last month.

Needless to say, it has been confirmed that Musk has, indeed, been forcibly removed from the position of Chairman in his own company, and it remains to be seen how Tesla will carry on without its founder to use his vision at the helm.

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