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I would like to shout out to all police officers and dispatchers for keeping our community and state a safe place to live and thrive in. Thank you for your service.

-Madeleine Danison, Sophomore

I would like to thank the pastor of my church for trying his best to keep our church up and running during the pandemic. Despite the ease that could be found from staying on livestream and disconnecting from his congregation, he opened our church and made people who don't feel comfortable going feel connected and heard. Thank you!

-Elaine Kaddis, Junior

My grandma because my grandpa passed away due to COVID and she lost her husband. It was the most sad thing that happened to me, her, and our whole family. We are still suffering from it, but we all know that he is in heaven with Jesus and his angels. My grandpa was a really good man and he helped me get a job. He always loved to talk about God, spread his word in the bible, and he was always helping people when they needed help. I also shout out my teachers and doctors because they both helped people. 

- Gabriel

Thank you Mrs. Fallon for all that you have done this year! During online class, you always showed up to class with a positive attitude and you never failed to make us feel loved and included. Your optimistic views on our situation got us all through zoom every day, especially during early zero period! And not to mention, you helped lead the yearbook staff to create a full 320+ page yearbook even though we were online for most of the school year. Everyone on the staff, including myself, appreciates everything you’ve done to help us get to publication this year!! Thank you for helping us get through this craziness and also for guiding us every step of the way. You’ve helped motivate us to do so much this year despite our situation! Thank you Mrs. Fallon!

 - Amanda Zurla and the rest of your students

 Thank you GHS teachers and staff for all the hard work you’ve put into this school year! Even though there were many struggles you all preserved through it all and made sure that all of your students were able to receive the support they needed.

Amanda Zurla, Senior

Thank you to the doctors who have risked their lives helping people with COVID.

-anonymous student

Jennifer Gaunt is a nurse I know who has worked at the hospital during COVID and has worked very hard.

-anonymous student

Joyce Fender was a nurse during the pandemic and helped take care of many patients with Covid-19.

-anonymous student

A huge shout out to everyone at Medline, from the people in the warehouses, to drivers getting supplies to hospitals across the country, to field HR. Your perseverance and dedication through all this is incredible and extremely appreciated. Thank you so much!

-Phoebe Forbeck, Junior

I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of the health care workers and essential workers who have given everything they can into saving every person they could during this pandemic. They are our true hero’s and people we can all look up as an example of what being a good human being is.

-Dom Svagdis, Junior

I would like to thank our teachers who have welcomed us back with open arms. I know it can be a little scary to put our health at risk, but thank you so much. As a senior I very much appreciate you willing to return back to on campus learning and thank you for working very hard over zoom to provide us with lessons as normal as possible. Your hard work and grit are very much appreciated!

 - Maddie Herrmann, Senior

Thank you to the nurse who gave me my vaccine, for your hard work and dedication during these difficult times.

- Jason Long, Junior

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