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Where are They Now? Josh Nicols, GHS Class of 1996

College Major- Communication at Chapman University

Current Job-  Nicols is an Education Director and a Co Owner of Rise Comedy, a comedy venue, training center, and bar in Denver, Colorado. Rise Comedy produces standup, sketch, and improv comedy while teaching classes in those mediums and other aspects of performing. 

Advice for GHS students- Nicols was the president of Speech and Debate club, and was very involved in the theater department at GHS. Nicols also co-managed their improv team, and he was also one of the first humor columnists of the Tartan Shield. Working on the humor column with Mr. Dubransky's help, Nicols was able to adjust humor for a broad audience and create something that students found entertaining. Using the finite time in high school and college to pursue different artistic and creative activities is something Nicols believes will benefit any student looking to go into a similar field. “Every time you do something, you are one notch closer to the last time you get to do it. Put your whole heart into it, and endeavor to leave everything better than you found it, including the people you meet along the way.”

High School Memories and Shoutouts- One of Nicols favorite high school memories was when he was a freshman. “I didn’t have a lot of friends or interests. After school one day, a senior, who was in the improv club, talked to me for 30 minutes about improv and high school. I tried the club because of that conservation. I didn’t know yet, but I found my calling.”  Nicols would also like to shout out some GHS teachers as well. 

  • Mrs. Hooven, his Speech and Debate teacher. “She recently passed away and it gutted me. She believed in me so much that I started believing in myself.”

  • Mr. Dubransky, his Journalism teacher. “He was a teacher, mentor, and friend at a time when I needed all 3. I’ll always be grateful for the time we spent writing that [humor] column.”

  • Mr. Saunders, his History teacher. “He always asked us tough questions. He taught me to examine my beliefs [since] they shape your perspective and they deserve scrutiny if they are going to affect your whole life”

  • Mr. Butler, his Biology teacher. “He was the best educator I’ve ever learned from. He taught using the Socratic method of asking questions until we figured out the answer. He also gave me the kind of honest feedback that earned a lot of trust.”


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