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Popular Cartoons Overview

Everyone loves cartoons; the infantile plot lines, romanticized by the idea of nostalgia throughout not only childhood but well after in the lives of many adults touching the souls of those lucky enough to experience them.

Star vs the Forces of Evil

From Generation Z alone, some of the most beloved cartoons are Star vs the Forces of Evil, Total Drama Island, and Miraculous Ladybug.

Star vs the Forces of Evil, a 2015 fantasy animated show streamable on Disney+, lasted for 4 seasons drawing in children and teens alike with the main characters’ chemistry and quirkiness. The cartoon is set on Earth where an interdimensional fourteen-year-old monster fighter is sent to Earth after being irresponsible with her abilities. Star Butterfly is treated as a foreign exchange student and is placed with a young boy named Marco Diaz where we watch their interdimensional battles and chemistry brew.

Total Drama Island

Total Drama Island, the first season of the fictitious animated reality show Total Drama on Netflix, displays a cast of 22 Canadian characters who fight for the final prize of 1 million dollars. The lovable host, Chris McLean, is an egotistical maniac who is willing to threaten even the lives of the contestants for the views of fans. McLean is not the only threat on Total Drama, because of the constant backstabbing and alliance-making, there is never a dull moment in the show.

Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug is a 2015 children’s television show which swept the nation streaming on both Netflix and Disney+. The main character, Marinette, is a clumsy French student who lives a secret double life as a beloved superhero, Ladybug hero of life. She protects Parisians from the akumatized villains created by Hawk Moth, later known as Shadow Moth, the main antagonist of the show. She does this with the help of Chat Noir, the superhero of destruction. The plot thickens as both Marinette and Adrian, Chat Noir’s civilian identity, are in the same class and proceed to create a love square with both themselves and their secret identities which they must keep secret from even each other.

Cartoons are a great form of entertainment to binge watch and fall in love with each trope and character within it and is an amazing way to spend free time.


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