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"Encanto" Opens Doors to the Future of Disney's Representation

The magical story of Encanto comes to life with vibrant animation and unforgettable songs in Disney’s latest animation.

Encanto tells the story of the magical Madrigal family, who live in an enchanted casita hidden in Colombia.

Every member of the Madrigal family is gifted with a power, except Mirabel, making her the odd one out. So, when the Madrigals begin to lose their magic, Mirabel seizes the opportunity to prove herself to her family and try to save the magic.

Although the movie is an animation for children, the characters are so lovable and relatable that the movie is entertaining to audiences of all ages. The movie features characters that many can identify with. From characters that are crumbling under the heavy, unrealistic expectations their families put on them, to characters, like Mirabel, who feel like they are not enough for their family and do not offer anything special. Encanto holds messages that can resonate with any audience.

The movie also celebrates Latin-American culture and features a diverse range of Latinx characters. So many children are finally seeing Disney characters that they can identify with, which is a step forward in furthering diversity and representation in the media.

What stands out most in the movie is probably the original songs written by Lin Manuel Miranda. Every song in the movie is extremely catchy and will leave audiences unable to get them out of their head.

Songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” are unforgettable, adding to the colorful, magical world within the movie. The music truly makes the movie so memorable.

Encanto is truly an unforgettable movie filled with life, vibrant colors, and a beautifully composed story.


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