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College Sports Recruitment "Victim" Brayden Brus

Since the “Pandemic,” college sports recruitment has taken a huge hit, Brayden Brus a junior in high school explains how he has dealt with recruitment for college sports, in his case football.

Colleges are able to “scout” Braydon through recruiting strategies, one being following him on Twitter and then directly messaging him during their dead period. Unfortunately during this time, Brayden expressed how he has not been able to take part in interviews, but has had conversations with coaches over the phone.

Though he has not been able to fully experience the typical college recruitment process, Brayden has still been contacted by coaches. With Covid-19, it has made it almost impossible for coaches to recruit players, since they are unable to see the players face to face in live gameplay.

Brayden states, “I was being recruited by one college, Northwestern before Covid. Nothing really changed because there were so many rules and guidelines since I was a sophomore.” He still has to follow the same guidelines, Covid-19 did not change anything, it that aspect of recruitment.

Overall, Brayden’s offers from other colleges didn’t change due to the Pandemic, but rather put a hold on the future. Due to the fact that universities have to put a hold on all sports because of the Pandemic we are in.

When talking to Brayden, he expressed how he was saddened by the fact that football season might be cancelled for his junior year. This year is an important part of the recruiting process in order to be able to showcase his skills to the college scouts. Fortunately, it looks like he might have a season after all which will give him and other players the opportunity to gain more exposure to college recruiters.

Covid-19 has affected college recruitment for sports, with athletes fearing that they will lose their scholarships and offers they have received. Hopefully as time presses forward there will be a decrease in victims to the Pandemic.


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