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California State Flowers Decorate City of Lancaster for the Spring

Spring officially has begun as the beautifully vibrant poppies bloom within the city of Lancaster, California. As of today, the blooming poppies are still blanketing the reserve with their magnificent orange color.

In Lancaster, there are around 1,700 acres of poppy fields lined with trails featuring a variety of other flowers. People look to photograph owl's clover, lupine, goldfield, cream cups, coreopsis and dozens of other wildflowers.

This extravaganza of springtime is an idyllic place to take aesthetic photos and appreciate the true beauty of Earth. California poppies bloom all over the state, anywhere from people’s backyards to this high valley. This location, though, is California's true poppy gem.

However, this beauty is only temporary, because by the end of April these tender blossoms might already be gone, mainly due to slashing spring winds.

Nevertheless, these poppies have also endured through detrimental man made havoc. Recently a couple had the audacity to land their helicopter in middle of the poppy field. A ranger approached the couple, however, they quickly took off in their helicopter to evade the confrontation. As a result, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve states responded with a hashtag called #Don’tDoomTheBloom.

The poppy reserve was especially bothered by this ordeal as the bloom of 2019 was labeled a super bloom. In order to attain a super bloom, the weather conditions have to be just right, and that means substantial rainfall in late fall and early winter, cool daytime temperatures, and cold nights.

These wildflower super blooms are extremely rare as they only happen around once every decade. Overall paying the poppy field a visit would be like stepping into the poppy field scene from The Wizard of Oz, but with orange-colored poppies instead of red.

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