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DIY Strawberry Roses

As I scrolled through pinterest searching for creative gifts to give to my loved ones, I came across a beautiful bouquet of strawberries carved into roses. Immediately, I went to the store to purchase strawberries and get to work. The directions said “starting at the bottom, make a small slit with the knife but do not cut all the way through. Use your knife to very gently curl the tip of the ‘petal’ by pressing it back.” With the instructions being so simple, I expected to create a beautiful rose in no time. Little did I know, it was extremely hard. Every slit I made ended up overlapping the next, making the openings too large. The flaps would fall flimsy and concave instead of blooming outwards like a rose. I do not recommend making these for someone you like or care about. They may feel insulted if your strawberries turn out like mine did!

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